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Meeting Minutes and Documents

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Branch B.

General Meeting Minutes

Branch B.

2022 Qld State Titles Results

Branch B.

Branch Grading April

Branch Forms

Please use this form when Nominating for positions on Branch B Committee. Election will be held in 2025 at Branch B Safari unless called earlier. Nominations Forms are to be received by Branch Secretary by 30 June 2025

5 year Development Plan for the Branch covering 5 topics  -  Administration, Training, Club Development, Branch Development and Hunting 

Please use this form when making any reimbursement claim, either personal or Club related

The Template has all the relevant information that I require to enter into the score recorder program.  This form is simple and you’ll notice that there are comments, little red triangles, in the corners of 2 of the column headings.  If you hover your cursor over these it will have a few extra notes to hopefully help when filling the form out.  I would suggest saving this form as your template and then each month, before entering any data do ‘save as’ with the relevant month and year in the title so each month you can start a new form easily. 


  1. Transisition from Association to Company

    1. National Strategic Plan

    2. National's Structure Graphic

    3. Branch Committee Position Nomination Form

    4. Branch B  ABA 2019 FY records

    5. Branch B  ABA 2022 FY records

    6. Branch B  ABA 2023 FY records






Previous Years Branch B Minutes, Reports and Documents 

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